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Adeline Yuen

Wow! Time flies when  you are having fun!  I have been at Northern Hills Sport Physiotherapy since 2007.  I am a born and bred Calgarian, locally trained at the U of C (BPE) and completed the Massage Therapy program at Mount Royal College. 

I have a long interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation that merges my Athletic Therapy and Yoga experience with my Massage Therapy skills.

Modalities that I have picked up along the way include various deep tissue, myofascial release techniques, kinesiotape and most recently, dynamic cupping.  I will even show you a stretch or two.  

We work to prevent injuries, but repetitive strain and traumatic injuries do occur.  Once we are out of the acute pain stage, I believe that proper posture, a strong and flexible core and a calm mind are critical to ones long term wellness and recovery from injury.  You will leave with knowledge and homework, because ultimately you are the one who drives your rehabilitation and recovery.  These are the tenets that form the basis of my treatments.  

As a Massage Therapist, I want to be a member of your wellness team.  

Come see us at Northern Hills if you are dealing with an injury or are working to prevent one! 

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Dorothea Flengeris 

Another girl from Saskatchewan! I completed my certification for Massage Therapy here in Calgary (at Foothills College of Massage Therapy) in ‘98, and seem to have stuck around!  I’ve been lucky enough to have become a fixture around Northern Hills Sport Physiotherapy since 2007.  I like it here, and believe you will too!

I firmly believe that natural therapies are the way to go to strengthen the body & mind, and I try to practice what I preach. 

Over the years I’ve enhanced my basic training with extra courses along the way; included in the mix are several smaller condition-focused workshops (such as for TMJ and headaches) as well as more in depth courses such as the Active Release Technique training for Upper Extremity, and the most recent addition, Myofascial Cupping. 

Cupping is, by far, one of the most versatile and helpful practices I’ve take up so far. I may have never really looked into it if my own RMT hadn’t used it on me.  Since the day I experienced it for myself, I’ve been hooked.

I still, of course, utilize Swedish, deep tissue, and pregnancy massage, trigger-point therapy, and all of the knowledge I’ve banked from experiencing (and recovering from) injuries of my own. Being active has helped me be a better Massage Therapist, as much as getting injured has.

I recognize that each person is different, and I do my best to tailor my treatments as to achieve the quickest, safest recovery possible.  I get great satisfaction out of witnessing a person's progress and recovery, and am grateful to be a part of it.

It's a great pleasure to be a part of the Northern Hills staff.  I like it here, and believe you will too.

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Tammy Kawala 

Tammy was born in Montreal Que. and lived out East until 2000 when she moved out west chasing the lifestyle, air quality and the opportunities Calgary had to offer.  She has never been happier,  what a great place!

Tammy has worked as a Massage Therapist for 21 years.  The profession was a natural choice for Tammy as she loves to help others.  She has spent much of her professional time in Calgary working onsite in the corporate world facing time challanges forcing her to be as effective as possible with every moment.  

Tammy utilizes a variety of techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Friction Techniques, Myofascial Release, Hydrotherapy and Cupping Therapy.  She has experience with all populations from infants to the elderly facing all sorts of challanges and with all ranges of common goals.  

More recently Tammy has branched out to practicing Sound Therapy,  complementary to her Massage Therapy profession.  

Tammy loves the challange of earning clients loyalty and trust as much as she thrives being a mother and wife to her wonderful family.  

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Julie Kozina

Julie Kozina has been an active massage therapist since 2006.

As a former member of the Canadian national trampoline and tumbling team she brings an athletic background that makes her passionate about helping people feel great, and maximize their bodies potential.  

Julie has many years of experience working with motor vehicle injuries, as well as repetitive strain, and acute issues.

Away from work she spends her time chasing around her two wonderful daughters. 

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