Joanna Smith  

Joanna has been a constant at NHSPT for the past 15 years. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Prior to this she pursued a Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary. Her passion for her profession is fuelled by her commitment to continuing her education. A lifelong learner at heart, taking new courses annually allow her to hear the latest research, learn new treatment ideas and ultimately serve her clients best. Since graduation, Joanna has completed post-graduate courses in manual therapy, GunnIMS, Acupuncture, the McKenzie Method, pain science, myofascial release, visceral mobilization, shoulder rehabilitation and women’s health. This upcoming year, should COVID restrictions allow, she hopes to strengthen her clients better by becoming certified in Classical Pilates.

 Joanna’s expertise lie in her life interests. She was extremely fortunate to have grown up in Canmore. Hiking, biking and skiing in the mountains with her family is where you will find her when she’s not at NHSPT or driving her kids to and from school and sports. Her husband a basketball athlete, her son a competitive swimmer and her daughter a competitive gymnast have given her first hand experience treating traumatic and repetitive strain sports injuries and growing athletes. Joanna recharges her batteries in the hot yoga studio and often incorporates her yoga practice into her clients’ treatment plans as it is an extremely effective method to help mobilize their fascia.

 Smart technology has taken its toll on our society. It is true when they say ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Treating office workers with poor postural habits, headaches, neck, back and referred pain are the bread and butter of Joanna’s practice. Long term solutions require education on how to adjust work station ergonomics, soft tissue release and strengthening to sustain an ideal posture.

 Joanna has a special interest in Infant Head Shape and Congenital Muscular Torticollis. While in university, she had a practicum at the Alberta Children’s Hospital where she received extensive training treating Plagiocephaly and Brachycephy. When her son was born with Congenital Muscular Torticollis and started to develop a flat spot on his head she was able to put into practice what she had learned from this valuable practicum and resolved his neck range of motion deficits and head shape issues. Since then she has brought this niche of Physiotherapy to NHSPT and coached hundreds of families how to incorporate treatment for their babies into their daily activities. Head shape and facial symmetry changes in infants are very common since recommending they sleep on their backs. If you notice a change in head shape, facial symmetry, or a preference to look in the same direction in your baby, early treatment is necessary for the most optimal results.

 Joanna’s physical therapy career took another path when she became a mother in 2007. Unfortunately, she sustained significant pelvic floor injuries after a traumatic first labour and delivery. Rather than being dependent on other clinicians, she travelled all over the country to take every women’s health course she could to to treat herself, but also with the mission of passing on her knowledge to other moms to prevent similar life-altering, emotionally devastating injuries. Joanna provides pre and post natal care, as well as treatment for diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, bowel and bladder dysfunction, painful intercourse and pelvic pain.

 Joanna is a first generation Canadian raised in a Greek family restaurant business. If you’re at the clinic eavesdropping on her conversations through the curtain she’s almost always talking food, how to get kids off screens and mountain trails. Healing the body through an anti-inflammatory diet and with an active lifestyle are her jam! There is no magic pill to living your best life!

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Joey Kristoffersen

Joey has been a staple at Northern Hills Sport Physiotherapy since he received his Master's in Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta in January 2008. His unique perspective of diagnostic troubleshooting has made him a valuable resource for team members and clients alike.

Joey reluctantly continues to work as needed but without a doubt would rather make a living playing his guitar in front of sold out stadiums with his band Don Coyote and filling free time with his biking and travelling passions.

We have seen Joey develop as a PT, a father, an avid outdoor enthusiast and a performer over the last decade and are very proud to have him onboard!

Having the consistency ot Joe on staff keeps his happy clientel referring his expertise and the machine rolling along. 

He has currently added IMS / Dry Needling ot his treatment repitrior.  

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Magda Schlegel

I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in 2010 and from the University of Saskatchewan in 2015 with a Masters of Physical Therapy. Since graduation from Physiotherapy I have continued to take courses to further my skills in manual therapy, orthopaedics, dry needling, pelvic health, pregnancy-related pelvic gridle pain, and diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA).  

I treat a wide variety of orthopaedic and pelvic health conditions. Pelvic health conditions that can be assessed and managed by a pelvic health physiotherapist include: stress or urgency incontinence, prolapse, pelvic girdle pain, or any other pelvic pain condition. I also have a special interest in working with peri and postnatal women and have taken additional training in better treating and managing these women at this unique time in their lives.

I like to take a whole-person approach to treatment, looking at all bio, psycho and social factors that play into our pain experience. I believe that taking the time to hear a person's whole story and looking at them as a whole person, and then tailoring a treatment program that is specific to them will ultimately lead to the best outcomes.

I truly believe that exercise is medicine! My goal when working with clients is to provide them with the tools, through education and exercise, that will allow them to best self-manage their pain and/or injury and help them to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

My love for movement, and the human body with all its complexities, comes from my background as a dancer and dance teacher here in Calgary, and I have a special interest in working with dancers.

Currently, I enjoy staying active doing home based HIIT, yoga, hiking and biking with my family, and downhill skiing.

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Chelsey Collins

No need to refresh your internet ... Chelsey is back and we are so excited to have her again.

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Hannah Williams

Hannah graduated with honours from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in 2013 then completed a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University in 2015. She has completed additional post-graduate training including advanced vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management, functional dry needling, and myofascial release techniques. 

Hannah combines techniques such as IMS and myofascial release with her expertise in anatomy and functional exercise to provide active rehabilitation programs to meet her patient’s unique goals. In addition to treating orthopaedic injuries from life and sport, Hannah has a special interest in concussion management. Hannah provides guidance and treatment programs to reduce symptom burden and optimize safe return to work, school, and sport following concussion.

Dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, and balance difficulties can be extremely challenging to daily life. These symptoms are frequently related to conditions such as BPPV, vestibular neuritis/labyrinthitis, and vestibular hypofunction. Vestibular rehabilitation involves individualized exercises and specific techniques to resolve and improve the symptoms related to these conditions. Hannah uses her expertise in vestibular rehab to develop an individualized plan to help patients struggling with these challenges return to their usual activities.

When not working, Hannah uses every opportunity to get outside. She enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, running, and backcountry camping. 

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Tiny Jacob

Tiny Jacob is passionate about the wonderful healing methods of rehabilitation medicine, started his career as a Physiotherapist in India. He worked as a chief physiotherapist for more than a decade in a super specialty hospital in India, before moving to Canada. In Canada he was introduced to Canadian health care system as a Physiotherapy assistant while he was preparing for his license exam. Tiny worked as a Physiotherapist in B C health and later moved back to Calgary to join as a Physiotherapist in the Clinical settings. He is experienced in treating musculo-skeletal and neurological conditions and strongly advocates evidence based practice.

Apart from work, Tiny enjoys exploring nature, fishing, biking and spending time with his lovely family. He is also keen in learning languages and Church history.

Tiny strongly believes in the magnificent words “Listen to your body, cure lies within you”.

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Quinn Turner

Quinn brings a plethora of experience in outdoor pursuits including mountaineering.  Along with that experience is how to avoid, manage and rehab injuries that come along with an active lifestyle.  He is trained in the McGill Method to help you with all of your biomechanical needs. 

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Graham Matheos

I am the founder and owner of Northern Hills Sport Physiotherapy. I was initially interested in Physiotherapy, like a lot of other PT's after being treated for several injuries as a younger adult. The profession enticed me with the work environment. I found PT clinics to be a laid back environment to work in and an environment where the therapists were faced with a variety of challenging issues to deal with thus continuing to keep them on their toes and not allowing them to get bored with working on the same thing over and over. 22 years into my career I have found that I really enjoy my job, the social interaction and being able to help individuals has been an added bonus.

I was trained in my home town of Saskatoon at the U of S, yes I bleed green (Go Riders!!!) and furthered my skills with manual courses including being a Manipulative Therapist. I am a certified acupuncture and Intra muscular Stimulation (IMS) Practitioner which has been a huge asset to my practice. I emphasize client input to their rehab and educate them on anatomy, injury pathology, home programs, ergonomics with regards to not only work but home and recreational activities. I find that the more involved a client is with their own rehab, the better they do in achieving and maintaining optimal health. In the end it all adds up to being able to do what you love and being pain free doing it, thus allowing you to enjoy it as much as possible.

I think this is my goal. I love work but I love to play even more. Mostly that is being able to play hockey, hike, surf, wakeboard, snowboard, mountain, motor and road bike and horseplay at a level that my kids are pushing me to. As they get older I find that my years of being able to beat them at everything is limited and I plan on giving them a run for their money for years to come. As a result, my own rehab and maintenance is important and I practice what I preach for the most part and so far so good. So bring it on Joey, Ellie, and Sammy!

Owning a clinic has been a great challenge for me in the past 19 years. Business has been something that I have learned on the go and I have found that the saying, 'you are only as good as your weakest link' holds true. I know that Northern Hills Physiotherapy has been a great place for patients, and workers alike due to my success in staffing. I pride myself in this aspect and put a lot of emphasis on who I hire to ensure a great work environment and a great place for people to receive treatment. I hire high level therapists, with personalities that fit our professional, relaxed and productive atmosphere. This has resulted in a culture that people like to work in and where clients get results!

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